Maintenance Tips to Improve The Lifespan of Your Baking Fryer!

August 4, 2017


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Do you want to improve the life span of your baking fryer? Do you want to know the best maintenance tips that can reduce all your hassle?

If so, then check out the following tips

A deep fat fryer is the most popular equipment of any restaurant kitchen. Hence, it’s important that the baking tray should be kept in tip-top condition all the time.

1. Good Frying Practices:

The biggest maintenance issue with respect to a fryer is the cooking oil. So one need to possess adequate knowledge on how this can be used.

The fat has to be melted sufficiently. It should be brought to the right temperature before undergoing any frying activity.

Smoking fat indicates that the temperature has risen too much.

Fresh foods that are to be used for frying purpose need to be dried off for moisture to the maximum extent possible.

In case of multi-fryers, those that are not required should be turned off during slack periods.

You need to make sure that the baking tray is not overfilled because excessive amounts at a single time can lead to bubbling and splashing of hot oil.

2. Oil Filtration:

In order to enhance the existence & oil quality, you need to skim off the oil.

Normally, traditional methods of oil filtration are used for the small counter-top fryer models.

However, this can be quite risky. A better option is to have an in-built system for oil filtration.

If this is not possible, then filter the oil when it becomes completely cooled.

In an in-built system, the hot oil gets filtered through the filter system. After that it is pumped back from the fryer bottom into the fryer tank.

The whole operation just takes a few minutes with no risk involved to the person concerned.

3. Prevent Build-up of Fats:

In addition to tackling the oil issue, the fryer too has to be cleaned well. This is because continuous usage of oil gives rise to sticky grease.

The build-up fat can be softened by regularly cleaning the fryer with a competent detergent.

Then you can clean a large part of it by use of a non-abrasive plastic scraper.

A thorough rinsing follows the cleaning. While doing this, care has to be taken to see that no damage is caused to any electric tubes or elements in the tank.

You can prevent grease around the power control dials by regularly cleaning and lubricating them.