Top 8 Reasons How Cloud Telephony Services Helps a Business

August 4, 2017


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1. Call Management:

Manage all the incoming effectively from a single dashboard using cloud telephony support and never miss a single call. Call management system offers different functionalities that help the business owner to keep a track record of all the calls and manage it as they want.

2. Reconnect with Prospects:

Messaging solution helps you to reconnect with your prospects and follow them up. Suppose, if they call you for enquiry then you can send a ‘thank you’ message for contacting with you. It will help to increase trust and make a stronger relationship between you and your customers.

3. Increase Enquiries:

Increase enquiries and gets quality leads for your business by using short code number, missed call or toll-free number. In this way, you can generate leads and leverage your business up to an elevated level.

4. Track Offline Advertising:

With the use of trackable numbers such as short code, toll-free number or missed call number, you can track, which offline ads (TV, radio, hoardings, etc.) are working effectively and which aren’t. In this way, you can track and optimise your ROI.

5. Collect Huge Database:

Collect the business database so that you can use it for further marketing purpose. It will help you in surveying effectively. In this way, you can improve customer relationship and monitor the activities.

6. Engage Customers in their Language:

Integrate cloud system with your CRM and can get all the call details. In addition to this, you can integrate SMS alerts with the website so that if someone will apply for an enquiry they will get a ‘thank you’ message as a regard. Similarly, you can revert an SMS to your customer when you get a call from them.

7. Collect Feedback:

SMS is the main nonintrusive way to collect feedback from the customers after having an interaction. For, the business you can collect feedback through missed call number. You can send a message to your customers by asking whether they like your product or service or not if they like, they can give a missed call on the missed call number you have mentioned in the SMS.

8. Present Professional Image:

Promote your business through a single number like toll-free, virtual or IVR number instead of using multiple numbers. It helps you to create a professional image for your brand in front of customers and gives a sense of authenticity.

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