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September 4, 2017

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More About Teeth Misalignment in Dogs

Dogs are part of the wolves’ specie. It has been quite a good deal having dogs around us. Human beings and dogs get companionship from each other. Humans consider dogs as their working partners and dogs also do the same. Dogs have had a moment of suffering as humans tend to create their own unnatural selection for breeds. Many health issues that arise in dogs are caused by selective breeding.

An example of a health problem caused by selective breeding is misaligned teeth. When your dog’s teeth are misaligned, the teeth will appear to be crowded at a given area of its mouth. There can also be an impact between the teeth and the gums or the teeth pushing each other in case they are misaligned. Some type of dog breeds easily develop this condition. Your dog may start feeling pain when there is severity in the teeth misalignment. It is not a must for the dog with misaligned teeth to feel pain.

There are a number of things that you can do to correct the condition of teeth misalignment in your dog. Identifying teeth that are misaligned in the mouth of the dog is not a simple task. The reason is that you may not be able to see the better part of your dog’s teeth. Signs such as wincing, bad breath and chewing a lot may help you determine whether your dog’s teeth are misaligned or not. These problem should be solved by providing the dog with the right dental chews and brushing the teeth regularly. You ought to ensure that the dental chew given to your dog is the most appropriate one. The exposure of the teeth root may cause the dog certain infections and pain.

Teeth misalignment in dogs is a condition that can be easily treated. First, you should look for a good vet. To know how worse the teeth misalignment in your dog is, the vet will conduct an x-ray. The symptoms will guide the vet into knowing the right treatment to give to the dog. In case the dog is not seeing any form of pain, your vet will only advice for mouth hygiene.

If the dog is able to eat normally, mouth hygiene will be recommended too. If intervention is necessary, the vet is more likely to remove the teeth involved. Even if it’s a bit drastic, it is a good method of making the dog feel a lot better.

Your dog’s teeth may have been misaligned due to selective breeding but there are still ways through which you can correct the condition.