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Find Low Risk Investment Online

So you do want to invest but you don’t know where to start. Investing in stocks is a highly risky affair, specifically, if you don’t know what you’re doing. The risk associated with stocks is quite intricate and so baffling that it is tough to realize for most beginners.

Moreover, selecting stocks randomly can make you to lose a considerable amount of money, unless you’re extremely fortunate and follow the financial news religiously. Therefore, it is perfect that you find investment online.

No matter what type of online small business investment you make, there will always be some amount of stake. Even if you get one, you still have to do research to verify that is truly is a low-risk and one of the safest ones you can make. Before investing, collate rates that different institutions offer.


A bond is a documented type of share in a company. The investor buys this share in exchange of an agreement that the company will share the investor back the face value of that share plus a stipulated amount, generally deemed as interest. Bonds are amongst the low stake investments and are highly suggested as part of the portfolio for first time investors.


Another type of low stake investment is the certificate of deposit (CD). Each has its own term as a percentage rate and various months or years where the invested principle is locked and the interest is earned and compounded on a regular basis. Therefore, the money is available to the investor until the maturity date of the startup investment offerings. Withdrawal or closing the account early is a subject to a considerable penalty as mentioned in the agreement. It is generally offered by credit unions, banks or other major financial institutions.


With the passage of time, gold has steadily grown in price. It has been known to stay stable in value, even during rough financial times. This commodity can be bought as jewelry in the necklaces or rings of the jeweler. Similarly, you can make an investment in gold by purchasing the shares of a company that manufactures or deals with gold related products.

Capital ensured Funds

Just like CD, capital ensured funds assure protection to avoid the investor from losing their capital. Nonetheless, the rate of return is low, completely safe, and fixed over a precise period of time. It is also restricted if this investment type should admire. By doing this, financial institutions can afford to render these investments.

Low risk investments are perfect for novices and passive investors. Though their rate of return is low with respect to stocks, they are quite safer investments. The more principle invested and the longer the tenure of the investment, the higher the interest rate and maturity value is assured. Even for the active investors, low-risk small business investment work as an incredible source of backup funds.

5 Ways to Weave a Story Around Your Startup

August 4, 2017


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What makes your product stand out? What does your startup has that the other are not offering already? Why should anyone be even looking at what you have to offer over anyone else who is already set up in the current market?

These are some basic questions that you should be asking yourself when you go out to make your own startup. This is just a beginning of series of questions that you will receive once you try to step out of your comfort zone and do something you have already imagined or wanted for a long time. Before jumping into anything, all of us should be on the same page.

If you look it up yourself, you’ll see that Wikipedia uses a word with “product”. If you have not looked it up yet, then let me cut out some web surfing for you. Wikipedia uses the word “innovative” along with “product”. So, a startup isn’t just some sort of business that provides products or services. It is supposed to be a business that provides “innovative product”, an innovative idea, an innovative process. I hope you get the point.

Today, everyone is thinking about running their own startups and being their own boss and have a laid back life. You don’t have to report to anyone, you don’t have to work shifts. You can work right from your home if you have started some startup like website development and design or something that can be handled remotely. You can hire the people you like. It is basically a cluster of startups currently. And it is not that hard to start one, anyone can do it if they have enough dedication to do so. Initiating a startup is definitely not a child’s play. But, it is not too hard as well. All you have to do is work hard to strive for better results and move towards your goal.< need to become successful? Let us face facts because these are not the only things you need to boost up your startup. You need to stand out in the crowd to be able to become successful. But how would you do that?

Well, we have summed up five ways to weave a story around your startup to take the lead in the market.

Be Unique

I cannot stress this point enough. If you have something that is not present in the current market, people will come to you like a dog runs after a ball. It is obvious that if you have something new to bring to the table, then you are already ahead of everyone else in the room. In this case, you have people talking about your business or product. We already have Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as top three social sites. If you make another one, you will only suffer, until unless you have something these big three platforms don’t have. See the point? how important it is to be unique.

Determine Your Goal

What good would it do if you had a product in your hands, but you don’t have a goal? Is this situation even possible? Yes, it is. Maintaining a goal gives you an idea of what you need to do and which direction you need to head into. If you don’t create a goal for yourself, then you will be running wildly wherever you can and waste your time, money and effort. You may reach your goal, you may be able to deliver an amazing product, but you would have wasted a whole lot of time in achieving it. So, before you even begin, determine a goal for your startup.

Be Consistent

Suppose you started an internet blog. When you started, you posted every day. But, after a week or two, you feel exhausted or maybe even bored ( I would not find it shocking). When you get bored of what you started, you tend to do things half heartedly, which leads to failure. By decreasing you post to once a month from everyday, you just decreased your activity and people will not have any new content for that period of time. Or, you kept posting on, but the quality of content has withered away with time. You need to be consistent in both, quality wise and quantity wise.

Believe In Yourself

This is somewhat like a morale booster, but it definitely works. The logic behind this point is that if you cannot convince yourself that you have what it takes to create something out of the box or if you cannot convince yourself that you do not have what it takes to lead, then why would anyone else believe in you or your product or your startup? So, no matter what, never lose faith in yourself.

It Is NEVER Too Late To Start

Does it matter if you are 20 or 30, or maybe 40+ when you make your own startup company? Nope, not even the slightest. Starting a business has nothing to do with your age. You only need to have an amazing idea, consistency, faith in yourself and hard work.

If you follow these above mentioned five points, your startup can definitely achieve what it deserves. Success does not come overnight. It takes time to get things heated up. So, hang in there and do your best. Best of luck in your endeavours!

13 of the Best Ways to Generate Leads with Social Media

August 3, 2017


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Since I just started the 14-Day Facebook Marketing Challenge yesterday (it’s not too late to join us!), I have Social Media on the brain.

I’ve been thinking about one of the biggest reasons why businesses and entrepreneurs take the time to be on social media. Aside from showing off their cute pets or grandbabies, it’s to help grow their business.

When wanting to grow our business, we often think of the more tradition methods of marketing and advertising. As an example, typical advertising channels are newspaper, radio and TV ads. Where typical marketing includes SEO, PR, and Direct Mail campaigns to name a few.

But when we look to social media to help with this, the approach needs to be different than those more traditional methods of getting qualified business leads.

And that approach is through a method called “inbound, pull or relationship marketing”.

Pull and relationship marketing relies on developing relationships with prospects before doing any overt promotion. The premise being people, especially women, tend to do business with others who they already know, like and trust.

In fact, according to Nielsen, 83% of consumers will trust the recommendations of family and friends so it’s our goal as business owners to gain that trust.

So how does one go about gaining trust and generating qualified leads from social media?

Here’s 13 best ways to attracting qualified leads to your business:

1. Establish yourself as being knowledgeable in your industry. Do this through your blog, newsletter, and the types of posts you add to your social media accounts.

This authority will build trust with your followers as they learn more and more about what you do, and your expertise in that field.

2. Pick the best channels for you to get visible on and focus just on those. Don’t try to spread yourself too thin by being everywhere.

Instead of chasing after the social media channels that are getting a lot of attention, ask yourself this important question: “Where is my target audience hanging out?”

Then go build your brand presence there.

3. Be on social media with the intent of being helpful, not on pushing your wares. People smell desperation a mile away and it’s a turn-off to most.

Instead of always trying to “push” your products or services on others, “pull” them in by being engaged with them. Comment, like and share their posts. Answer questions that are genuinely helpful.

Developing trusting relationships will give you greater returns in the long run than doing nothing but promoting yourself.

4. Provide exclusive offers just for your loyal followers. In between posting informative posts, sprinkle in special offers, discount codes, contests or giveaways that are exclusive to your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram followers.

Shortstack offers an easy way to hold Instagram, Facebook and Twitter contests that will also help you stay within those platform’s rules.

5. Ask for a referral after someone has made a purchase. When an online purchase is made, the purchaser is sent to a “thank you” landing page. Use that page to offer some sort of incentive to share what they bought with their social media followers.

6. Host a Twitter Chat or Facebook Live show. This is a great opportunity to get in front of your followers and showcase your expertise.

Use the show to have a question and answer session, share a valuable tip, strategy or perhaps some inspiration. Use your imagination and think about what your followers would want from you.

7. Incorporate a paid ads campaign. Despite what we tend to think, social media is not really a free platform for business.

In order to get the exposure you need to generate solid leads, you need to look at it from a “pay to play” perspective. Invest in Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn ads, depending on where your ideal clients are hanging out the most.

It wouldn’t hurt to supplement your efforts with Google ads too. Google ads can be extremely effective at driving qualified traffic back to your website.

8. Create a custom tab on Facebook for your free giveaway. Facebook users don’t like leaving that platform so one way to get people to sign up for your free giveaway is to host a custom tab within your Facebook page that provides the signup ability. Here is ours as an example.

Pagemodo offers a means to do this or you can use Static HTML as well.

9. Add your list of services to your Facebook page. Facebook recently implemented a new feature on the business page that provides an opportunity to showcase your services. Take advantage of this great feature so your followers know what it is you offer!

Here’s ours as an example.

10. Use Twitter cards. Twitter cards are a great lead generator that has a call to action embedded right in the tweet.

Once the visually eye-catching and compelling tweet is created, pin it as a feature tweet to the top of your page. This is prime real estate that twitter followers will see when checking you out.

You can view our Twitter card here.

11. Use video. Video is where it’s at on the social media scene so take full advantage of the excellent exposure it can bring your business.

You can use video on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and of course YouTube to demonstrate how to use your product, share informative tips and strategies, offer inspiration and words of wisdom to name a few ideas.

12. Add a call to action to your Facebook page. Your Facebook business page has a great feature located right under your header banner that allows you to add in a call to action.

Ask yourself what you want your followers to do once they have discovered your page? You can choose from several options such as booking a service, getting in touch, learning more, making a purchase or donation or downloading an app or game.

13. Get engaged with your followers. One of the fundamental strategies you can incorporate into your social media efforts is to get involved and engaged with other people and pages posts.

A great way to get more exposure to your page is to like, comment and share other page posts as your page. Find other pages that share the same target market as you and like those pages as your page (as opposed to your personal profile) and make a daily habit of interacting with those posts.

The more you get engaged with your followers, the more they will be aware of who you are, which will begin to develop the know, like and trust factor with them. The more that happens, the more apt they will be to go check you out and if they need what you’re offering, they will then become a lead for your business.

As you can see, there are lots of ways to take advantage of social media’s powerful lead generation possibilities. The key is to be consistent, be strategic and be patient with you efforts.

Best 3 Things You Must Do Before You Submit To Article Directories Tips You Will Read This Year

To all scholars and non-journalists out there, right now is an ideal opportunity to begin uncovering those exploratory writing aptitudes back. With cutting edge correspondence innovation comes the fame of data based advertising, which is one of the most seasoned and best systems in getting focused on prospects to locales and changing over them into purchasers. This is the reason article composing, entries and productions are likewise getting prominent There are as of now many instruments that individuals can use to make the way toward dispersing their articles all the more effectively. In spite of the fact that this is important in getting the substance more introduction, which is just 50% of the story.

Give us a chance to investigate first at the basic oversights that a few people make before presenting their substance to article registries:

1. Confounding the motivation to advance the articles with the motivation to keep in touch with them.

In article composing, there are three key advantages why you are advancing them; marking, lead era and advancement, which are all piece of your enhancement endeavors.

In any case, there is just a single motivation behind why you compose an article, and that is to illuminate your gathering of people. On the off chance that the article is not centered around this essential and most critical reason, it will neglect to accomplish the three advancement benefits in light of the fact that nobody will be occupied with understanding them.

You have to make sense of first how to inspire individuals to peruse what is in your article, then make them tap on your asset box. You can accomplish this by creating better substance.

2. Neglecting to boost the limited time chances of article advertising.

You may know as of now that your articles can help you create extra connections back to your site. In any case, do you realize that you can show signs of improvement web crawler comes about because of that same articles?

Specify watchwords at vital spots. Simply make certain not to overcompensate them. Some are notwithstanding utilizing stay writings which is likewise a powerful technique. In any case, realize that greater part of the indexes are not ready to bolster this.

Keep in mind that is not just about the connections back to your site. Part of doing great in your article promoting is getting gotten by distributers with countless and picking up the capacity of utilizing different brands on account of the nature of your work. Better web crawler comes about likewise are incredible advantages.

In any case, these things don’t put much cash in your pocket. There are different elements that can transform your article promoting endeavors into an open door that can support your income. Not simply expand the quantity of guests to your site.

Begin with an arrangement and see to it that your article will serve the capacity that you planned it to have.

3. Distributing content that does not help your perusers.

Perhaps during the time spent written work articles, you are feeling that all that is you needed is connections back to your site. Also, any guests it can produce are fine.

Prepare to be blown away. Not all article banks and registries will acknowledge your substance naturally. As a rule, they have a few rules and determinations on the articles that they are tolerating.

You can twofold the quantity of locales you can submit to by composing articles that the registries need to impart to other individuals. All it brings is one distributer with a hundred thousand perusers to expand your potential crowd overnight.

Compose the articles that distributers need in their productions on the off chance that you need your article advertising to work the best route for you. This likewise implies you need to comply with the standard rules, spell checks, investigating on a decent theme and notwithstanding contracting an author to deliver a decent substance for your benefit.

At last, it is all truly a matter of decision on your part. You can begin getting a little introduction from expanded connections back however on an extremely fundamental level. Then again appreciate gigantic presentation from somewhat additional time making quality substance.

It will be your decision. You may not know about the way that an article submitted on catalogs is not intended to have an indistinguishable level of introduction from very focused on substance ones equipped on a thin gathering of individuals.

Take in the contrast between these two and it will most likely help you comprehend what sorts of articles to compose and to submit.